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How do the Moves & Meditation Zoom sessions work?

  • After you have registered you will receive a zoom link + password

  • You can join the session via the zoom link

  • You enter a waiting area (you don't see any other participants there yet)

  • From a few minutes before the start you will be let in and you will enter the zoom session with the other participants

  • The zoom session will be recorded so that the recording can be shared afterwards. As a participant you are not visible.

  • You can choose whether you have your camera on or not. When you turn off your camera, your name or photo (depending on how you have set up your zoom account yourself) will appear

  • People say good morning, but see what suits you whether you say something or not

  • The session starts and ends exactly at the specified time  ​​                (Mon to Fri 07:00 - 07:30)

  • If you come in later than the starting time, you will immediately enter the session and not first in a waiting area

  • At the end of the session you can wish everyone a nice day, but again see what suits you

  • In short, you can participate both anonymously and openly, make it all the way you want it

  • Every Tuesday morning after the exercises, at 7.30, there is the opportunity to ask questions  


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