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Workshops Emotional Bodywork


Weekly Basics and Intensive Workshops

In these 90-minute workshops you can regularly give space to the things that affect you in your daily life and strengthen your own resilience. Long before tension rises too high, anger bursts at an unguarded moment or fear has a grip on you unnoticed.


Anne Karen invites you in a loving and relaxed way to bring your attention from outside to yourself. Through a series of exercises, you release built-up tension and land from your head back into your body. Step by step you strengthen the ability to allow emotions and you discover the hidden power that resides in this. Do you want to know more about the hidden power of emotions?  read more 

Emotional Bodywork Basics 

After a short explanation of the vision behind Emotional Bodywork®, we will take you through the basic principles of the method. Step by step we will start with a series of exercises in which we explore the body from head to toe.

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Emotional Bodywork Intensive

After a short explanation about the Emotional Bodywork® method, the series of exercises follows from a specific in-depth theme. The starting point is always that you become more fully present in your body.

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Practical information

Dates Basics:      Sat 26 Mar, Sat 23 Apr, Sat 4 June

Dates Intensive:   Sat Mar 2, Sat Mar 12, Wed Mar 30, Sat Apr 9, Wed 11 May, Sat 21 May

Time:                 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 

Location:              Live on Zoom or a recording

Cost:              22.50 euros


More information?  Feel free to mail with all your questions:

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