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Emotional Bodywork Basics

After a short explanation of the vision behind Emotional Bodywork®, we will take you through the basic principles of the method. Step by step we will start with a series of exercises in which we explore the body from head to toe. That starts with the basic posture and noticing sensations and feelings that go through you. By making contact with the inside of your body, giving space to tensions and emotions, you will bring to life the areas where it is energetically stuck. We bring all experiences together with a guided meditation and there is of course room for questions.  


For whom?

Beginners and those with experience. Anyone who needs an emotional bodywork session with movement and meditation to get back into the body.

Practical information Emotional Bodywork Basics

Date March:       Sat 26 March

Date April:         Sat April 23

June date:          Sat June 4

Time:              10.00 – o’clock 

Location:           Live on Zoom

Cost:           22.50 euros

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