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About Anne Karen and Karolien together

We have known each other since we were six when we came together in class at a small school in Ankum. With two boys and two girls. We visited each other, but the friendship did not immediately go smoothly. There was a lot of competition. How many times 'I am the tallest / toughest / strongest / best ...', have not passed.


We soon found each other completely in our zest for life, wild romp and love for mountains of candy. We spent many school holidays together, just bickering about the lead role in the musical and the best grades. Once big, the competition disappeared and the band stayed. Then we would be together again a lot, then our paths would divide a bit further. But we never lost sight of each other.

Marion, Anne Karen's partner, brought a new dimension to our friendship. She invited Karolien for a personal leadership training that she gave together with Anne Karen. A great gift as it turned out. Karolien joined the training team and our relationship deepened in a way that we were not familiar with before. Marion became ill and died of a brain tumor two and a half years later. A process in which we have been together a lot. In early 2020, Machteld, Karolien's sister, received the same unlikely diagnosis. She died seven weeks later.


These drastic events have 'kicked' us even more into life. Its fragility and the fact that it can just be over has shown us the value of seizing the day, following your heart, and living life to the full. With all the happiness and sadness we encounter in it.


Two great amazing women, Machteld & Marion, are our inspiration for DailyLifeBytes. Our zest for life and impetuosity is still there, just like when we were six. In these turbulent times, gloom and fear lurk. We are happy to show you how you can use the circumstances to live life fully. With humor, with sense, with all the trimmings!

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