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Reading your Body

The position you like to adopt, the position of your feet, the place where you hold tension, the way you move. All these examples not only say something about your body, but also about who you are as a person and how you live your life.

In 5 modules of 1.5 hours you will learn to read your body more precisely and discover what it has to tell you. In this way you develop more sensitivity to the signals that your body gives you, you learn what you can do to get more in balance and you will feel better where you benefit from.

Practical information

Next Reading your Body

Start: Wednesday May 12

Dates: Wed 12 and 19 May, Wed 2, 16 and 30 June

Time: 7.30 pm - 9 pm

Location: online via Zoom

Price: EUR 265.00


A journey through five areas

In five modules we treat five body areas, including bioenergetics and the chakras as a theoretical guideline:

1. Feet and legs

2. Pelvis

3. Belly

4. Chest

5. Arms, shoulders, throat, neck and head

Each module starts with an explanation of the body area. On the basis of exercises that are provided, you will then investigate. In this way you will gain valuable information about yourself and you will see the connection with your daily life. Feet and legs, for example, have to do with your livelihood.


This type of questions can be addressed: 'How firmly am I (literally) on my feet? What do my legs say about how I do (or don't do) something?'. Or translated into everyday life: 'How solid is the foundation (housing, health, finances) in my life?' After each module you will receive background information or suggestions for home. This allows you to apply the insights from the training in your daily life.


What does it bring you?

  • You gain insight into the meaning of the different body areas

  • You learn to read your body and discover what it has to tell you

  • You discover which concrete steps you can take to achieve more balance and increase the quality of your life

What do you get?

  • 5 modules of 1.5 hours live on Zoom: with theoretical background, body-oriented exercises, meditation and Q & A

  • 1 module of 1 hour live on zoom: with a repetition of the 5 body areas in a meditation and Q & A

  • You get a handout with the background of the different areas from the chakra approach and bioenergetics

  • You will receive a handout with suggestions to apply in your daily life  

  • You will receive a recording of 5 modules that is available for 2 weeks to look back

Practical information 

Start date: the 3rd edition of Reading your Body starts Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Dates:      Tue 12 and Tue April 26, Tue 10 and Tue May 24, Tue June 7 and Tue June 14

Times:        19.30 - 21.15

Location:      Online on Zoom

You can also start the training immediately, then you will receive the recordings of the previous series including background information and suggestions for application in your daily life. Register via the registration button.

Anne Karen gives the training online via Zoom. At the end of each module there is room for 15 to 30 minutes for questions and the exchange of experiences.

cost 265 euros. 

Wat krijg je?

Het programma van Expeditie Leven bestaat uit: 

  • Basis expeditie weekend op locatie 

  • Drie online expeditie avonden live op Zoom 

  • Twee online Q&A’s live op Zoom 

  • Afsluitende expeditie dag op locatie ​

  • Drie persoonlijke coaching sessies live op Zoom

    • Sessie vooraf, halverwege en na afloop, drie keer 40 minuten


  • Een half jaar online abonnement Moves & Meditation

    • Elke werkdag een half uur begeleid lichaamswerk en meditatie 

    • Live op Zoom om 07.00 uur of met opname op jouw moment 

  • Tweewekelijkse inspiratie en suggesties voor thuis

  • Korting op extra coaching sessies

Online voorproef

Maak een persoonlijke afspraak, we gaan graag met je in gesprek. 

Overige praktische informatie 

Startdatum:           mail ons voor de eerstvolgende startdatum

Deelnameprijs:     vanaf 1590,- inclusief btw voor particulieren


What others say 

'It inspires me to listen carefully to the signals from my body, to take them seriously and above all to stand when the going gets tough'

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