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The hidden power of emotions

Step by step you develop the ability to recognize and allow emotions. This helps you to live life to the fullest again. To give you an idea:  


Anger contains strength, clarity and direction. For example, suppressed anger manifests itself in frustration, irritation, cynicism, passive aggressiveness. Read a round of comments social and you'll know what we mean here :).  


In fear, if you consciously give it air, you will discover liveliness, excitement and enthusiasm. For example, suppressed fear manifests itself in worry, mistrust, control, paralysis and can even turn to panic. Maybe you recognize yourself that your head is working overtime and that you enter a worrying state from which you cannot just get out.


In sorrow resides involvement, desire and inspiration. Suppressed sadness expresses itself, for example, in gloom, seeing the glass half empty, disappointment, disinterest. Think of the tendency to lie under a thick blanket when life gets too much for you.  


This is just a tip of the veil. Through Emotional Bodywork you can get to know the color, nuance and hidden power of a range of emotions and feelings.

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