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Full Start, full Stop!

Now that working from home is more the rule than the exception, the boundary between work and private life is blurring. Being permanently 'on' leads to stress for many people. Because how can you get started with focus from your living room? Especially when the postman is at the door or the cat is walking through your meeting. And when night falls, how can you really relax?

Full Start, Full Stop! support homeworkers, especially in these turbulent times, to stay physically and mentally in balance. Under pressure we easily disappear in our heads. In this online program, a trainer guides you back to yourself in 7 minutes with movement and meditation. Deliberately marking the start and end of the working day also helps you to observe yourself during working hours.


What does it do for you?

  • You go to work fresh, cheerful and with focus

  • You complete your work with a tidy feeling and are available to your environment

  • You observe yourself better and disappear less in thought


What others are saying:

'I experience it as a little training that I get every day. A great opportunity to start my day connected, tuned'

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